Providence Filming Days 5, 6, and 7

We’re at the halfway mark now. We’ve filmed all the Adult Rachel and Adult Mitchell scenes, a few Teen Rachel scenes and a few Young Rachel scenes. It’s been some pretty busy weekends made more complicated by the fact that I had a brilliant idea to tweak the script a bit and give it a new twist. Which is great, except it meant squeezing in extra scenes this past weekend. But we got it done, and they turned out great!

Day 5 consisted completely of Teen Rachel scenes at her home. We were all amazed when Teen Rachel actress Stacey Bradshaw arrived on set and she looked even more like Adult Rachel actress Juli Tapken then we’d realized. They even had many of the same mannerisms.


Friday, Day 6, was our most intense filming day yet. It consisted of all of the scenes with Adult Rachel and her mom Edith. Edith is without a doubt the most intense character in the movie. She is the only character who is played by the same actor throughout the movie. Which means that actress Irene Santiago plays a young mom in the 70’s for the Young Rachel scenes, 80’s mom in the Teen Rachel scenes, and elderly mom in the Adult Rachel scenes. Not only that, but in the later scenes, she plays a stroke victim.

We had no idea how it would work having one actress playing such a range but with Irene’s incredible talent enhanced by the makeup artistry of Jennifer Whitus, the transformation was completely believable.



After the intensely raw Rachel/Edith scenes it was nice have some fun date and wedding scenes in the afternoon.


Saturday, day 7 consisted of beautiful emotional scenes with Young Rachel (Emily Knapp) and Grandma Rose (Patricia Binkley).



After a full day of filming we relaxed by watching Flowers for Fannie with Irene and Rich. They especially enjoyed the scenes with the actors like Rob Wilds, Patricia Binkley, and Brittany Herd who are also in Providence.



The evening was topped off with texts from Jenn Gotzon letting us know that The Good Book won Most Uplifting Feature at International Christian Film Festival and Irene’s film Adrenaline won Best Director.


Although filming officially ended on Saturday, the fun continued on Sunday with Irene and Rich joining us for church then Rich performing his powerful one-man show at our church on Sunday night. Wow! What incredible talent as he transformed into numerous Biblical characters.


We concluded the fun filled evening by watching Adrenaline.


Just one day of filming this week then we take a short break to celebrate our daughter’s birthday and graduation from college as well as to attend the Aletheia Truth Awards Ceremony. When we return, we’ll be doing the teen scenes when Rachel and Mitchell first fall in love.

International Christian Film Festival by Brianna Hope Beaton

This past weekend The Good Book movie screened at International Christian Film Festival in Orlando. We’re in the middle of filming Providence so we weren’t able to attend, but Jenn Gotzon was there to represent the movie and accept our award for Most Uplifing feature film. Providence actress Brianna Hope Beaton who was working at the festival has written a guest blog about her experience at the festival.  


Running for its 3rd year, the International Christian Film Festival (ICFF) is a place where Christian films of all kinds have a chance to be showcased in front of many people. James Sang Lee, Rich Peluso, Nathan Aston, and David Austin are just a few of the amazing people that spoke at the ICFF. The 2015 nominee selections included 22 feature films, 21 short films, 17 Documentaries, 8 Music Videos, and 5 Scripts/Treatments. With a total of around 73 nominated films the ICFF had a broad range of movies that you were sure to enjoy. On the 23rd the meet & greet was a great place to meet other people that shared the same love for film. Stephen Baldwin also made an appearance at the festival, representing the film The UnMiracle. Ernie Hudson of Gallows Road attended and was able to make some interviews.


This year’s festival was very informational and eye opening at the fact that the Christian film industry is much bigger than you think. I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the entire 3 day event. I met so many great people from all our country, learned some interesting things and even was one of the presenters of an award. There were so many great aspects of this festival, but one that stood out to me was the award ceremony. This was my very first experience at a ceremony and I was in awe of all the great talent assembled in one place. There were so many people sharing their advice and wisdom for the glory of God. I’m excited that The Good Book won for best uplifting and inspirational documentary. I was especially thrilled and happy that I was able to meet Jennifer Gotzon of the film The Good Book and Lanny Smith of the film Providence. The workshops and demonstrations were exciting and everyone absolutely loved them.

Even thou I didn’t get a chance to see a lot of the films, the ones I saw were amazing and had great storylines with meaningful messages. This year’s event was truly a success. I’m already looking forward to next year. Thank you 24Flix for the opportunity to participate, thank you to all the Sponsors and most importantly, thank you God.


I’m a Bonehead – Guest Blog by Apolonia Davalos

“There are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same Spirit; there are different forms of service but the same Lord; there are different workings but the same God who produces all of them in everyone. To each individual the manifestation of the Spirit is given for some benefit.” – 1 CORINTHIANS 12:4-8

Photo by Jason R. Coleman Photography

Photo by Jason R. Coleman Photography


Why is that a good thing? You ask?

Well, it is my pleasure (and now duty) to thoroughly impart a momentous insight into the fire that ignites the true spirit, grit, entrepreneurship, and history of indie filmmaking! This one-of-a-kind savoir-faire beneficence can only be felt at the BARE BONES INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL!

Now ask yourself…Are you ready?

Festival founder Oscar Dean Ray

Festival founder Oscar Dean Ray


…is the air infiltrated by a greater purpose for creating moving pictures! Cinema is viewed with a revering sense of service to our communities, one another, and the world!


…do the Founders, OSCAR DEAN RAY & SHARON RAY, deeply award purpose-driven accolades; which I respectfully illuminate in this article!

Attending BARE BONES is like being a part of HISTORY!

Let’s shed some more light on this, shall we?!

Festival founder Sharon Ray

Festival founder Sharon Ray


…do you learn about VICTOR DANIELS, a CHEROKEE-IRISH INDIAN (native to the Indian territory of Muskogee, OK), who was honorarily renamed by Hollywood and known as the legendary CHIEF THUNDERCLOUD (1899–1955)! He is the 2015 victor of the HUMANITARIAN HERO AWARD! A stuntman turned character actor for Westerns, Chief made his mark in history for being one of the first American Indians to play a lead role in a major motion picture as an American Indian. You may recognize him as the principal for “GERONIMO” (1939) or TONTO from “THE LONE RANGER” (1938).

Why did he WIN this Award? Here’s what the founders had to say:
“An intelligent, humble and hardworking individual, Daniels never forgot his Native American roots and even in the midst of a time in history when Native American movie characters were marginalized and demeaned he carried his culture forward with great compassion and humanity. A true HERO OF THE HUMANITIES.”



…are you introduced to this year’s recipient of the LIVING LEGEND AWARD, ART T. BURTON!
In the words of BARE BONES:
“In his quest to know more about the unique history of African-American frontiersman, Art Burton single-handedly uncovered more forgotten information about Black outlaws and lawmen than any writer or historian in U.S. history…His books…have become the definitive instruments of information about the African American experience of the Wild West era.”

Art pioneered commemorated relevance for the judgement and fearlessness of ex-slave, U.S. DEPUTY MARSHAL BASS REEVES (who may have been the inspiration for “THE LONE RANGER”) as one of the greatest frontier heroes in America’s history!

Inspired by Mr. Burton’s efforts, HBO is currently developing a major motion picture series based upon his writings reflected in BLACK GUN, SILVER STAR. Therefore, Art is on his way to becoming a LIVING LEGEND!



…is the home of the INDIE AUTEUR OF THE YEAR award; where recognition is honored to filmmakers who evenhandedly wear a minimum of 5 hats (positions) from the inception of pre-production; to the execution of production; to the cessation of post-production; and finally the fruition and perseverance of marketing. Indie filmmaking is a marathon and the journey of a film may be never-ending…


…is the INDIE TRAILBLAZERS AWARD celebrated! The festival salutes one film that epitomizes the BARE BONES philosophy – “A budget is what you make of it;” and “By any means necessary!” This HONOR has been awarded to Director Kyle Roberts and his team of young actors and crew for THE POSTHUMAN PROJECT.



CLU GULAGER? Who’s he? Do Tell!

Well, I wouldn’t leave you bewildered!

Clu, part Cherokee, (nickname meaning “Red Bird”), is remembered for his roles in western and horror features such as: “THE VIRGINIAN” (1962), “THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD” (1985) and “THE TALL MAN” (1960).

So NOW you remember him!!!

It is with a sincere, joyful, and humble heart to share with you that the cast of “THE GOOD BOOK” was HONORED with this award! And I felt incredibly blessed to represent my movie family, especially Director Sharon Wilharm and Producer Fred Wilharm, and accept this award! I was almost rendered speechless. Almost!!! (Hehe)



…you develop life-long relationships with Founders OSCAR DEAN RAY & SHARON RAY! When you are present, you are forever a part of their filmmaking family (and they keep up with your progress way beyond the festival’s closing ceremony). In essence, you become a BONEHEAD!

I’M A BONEHEAD! My cast of “THE GOOD BOOK” are BONEHEADS! And you, dear reader and fellow filmmaker, have the opportunity TO BE a BONEHEAD in 2016!


I will never forget my experience at #BAREBONES2015!

Now (I know you want me too, but) I won’t give away every cherished CHARM of this festival! This is just a taste! So I’ll leave you by saying, SEE YOU NEXT YEAR BONEHEADS!!!!!

All Heart,
Apolonia Davalos


Named one of the “25 Festivals worth the entry fee” by Moviemaker Magazine and named one of the “20 best festivals for new and emerging filmmakers.” PBS included Bare Bones as one of the top 20 documentary festivals. The Bare Bones Film Festival experience has long been touted as the “Friendliest Film Festival” by the many filmmakers who return year after year.

Learn more at:


Providence Filming Day 4

I promised to provide detailed coverage of our filming. But then I’ve been so busy with filming, I haven’t had time for blogging.

This past weekend we shot all the scenes with Adult Mitchell at work. He married a happy couple, counseled an angry couple, comforted a grieving family, and took Christmas presents to a poor family.




One thing we’ve tried to incorporate throughout the movie is crosses, especially in scenes with Mitchell.

11088941_10152793354928202_3237267065582981505_o 11169729_10152793349263202_3642500522527784358_o

The coolest thing about this week’s scenes was transforming Mitchell’s office. We shot in the Sunday School office at our church. It’s a typical unattractive church room with green concrete block walls and outdated decor. But we searched the church and found maps to cover the bare walls, then rearranged what was already in the room, pulling out colorful baskets, cups, even a sombrero,and miscellaneous folders and papers. Brittany and Clay made colorful childish cards welcoming Dr. Mitchell to the church to complete the look. Then we used some creative lighting to transform the drab room into a quite dramatic film set. And, of course, we included crosses.

11174365_10152793331633202_7203991717846546723_oNow time to get back to film preparation. This week we have scenes with Teen Rachel, Adult Rachel, and Young Rachel, which means 70’s, and 80’s scenes as well as present days. We have scenes in almost every room of our house. We also have two weddings. Gonna be a busy day!

Christian Worldview Film Festival – Guest Blog by Stacey Bradshaw

March 10, 2015 dawned clear and sunny. Hundreds of people gathered for the Filmmakers Guild preceding the Christian Worldview Film Festival in San Antonio, Texas. Teachers included John Fornof, George Escobar, Andrew Garcia, Rebekah Cook, Mimi Sagadin, Rich Swingle, John-Clay Burnett, Brett Varvel, Joel Jost, Jurgen Beck, Nathan Ashton, and many more.

Each day started with a time of worship, followed by a general session.

cw1 cw2

Break-out workshops followed, and provided instruction in specific areas of interest. There was something for everyone. Topics included producing, directing, acting, editing, cinematography, sound design, marketing, distribution, and more.


One brilliant part of the festival’s design were the networking lunches. You could pre-order your daily lunches from the caterer, and tables were even designated for particular areas of filmmaking (i.e. directing, acting, documentaries, etc.) to enable attendees to more easily find the right people to talk to for their networking purposes.

On the third day of the Guild, the Festival began and hundreds more people started filling the church where the event was held. Films screened simultaneously throughout the weekend, providing viewers with multiple options for each block.

“Wanted” – a short film that I co-produced and acted in – screened three times, and was very well attended and well received each time. It was fun to watch it with an audience and listen to their laughter and their applause. There were even audible gasps of surprise on occasion. We were approached by people all weekend, telling us how much they loved the film.


The week reached its grand finale on Saturday evening with the Awards Ceremony. The Jost family got the show started with some of their delightful music, and then it was time to start handing out awards!


I tried not to hold my breath while we waited for the Short Film category. Finally, the time came. I hadn’t let myself believe that we would actually win, but at the same time, I knew it would be close. The feedback we had received throughout the weekend had confirmed our belief that Roses and Wanted would be very tight in the running. Little did we know how close.

First, six finalists were announced and their titles displayed on the big screen. Next, the Runner Up was announced, which was neither Wanted nor Roses (but congratulations to my friend Caleb Hermann for winning Runner Up with “Book Ends”!). Now my heart was really starting to pound. Anticipation grew as the box containing the award was carried across stage and handed to Phillip Telfer, the presenter. The box was opened, and a note was taken out. My brain hardly processed as Mr. Telfer explained that when the judge’s results were all tallied, two films rose to the top and received the same number of votes. So instead of flipping a coin, they decided to present two awards for Best Short Film. You could feel the excitement buzzing in the room as murmurs rippled throughout the huge auditorium.


A second award box was retrieved and brought to the podium. After clarifying that he was not reading them in any particular order, Mr. Telfer announced that the first Best Short Film Award went to…WANTED!!! Still hardly processing what was happening, I quickly stood to my feet and made my way out to the aisle. I joined a few more of our team as we walked toward the stage amidst loud, triumphant music, sweeping spotlights, and the applause and cheers of the crowd.

When all had grown quiet, the second winner was announced… ROSES!!! We were beside ourselves with joy as we welcomed our friends on stage!


As much as we would have enjoyed winning, we didn’t want Roses to lose, so it was perfect that we could BOTH win in an historic tie! Many of the same crew members worked on both films, and we already felt like a team, so it was very fitting.

We were all still in shock as we made our way backstage and headed towards the lobby to have our pictures taken. “Did that really just happen?” “Somebody pinch me!”

The night ended on a great note as the other film I acted in – “Polycarp: Destroyer of Gods” – won Best Original Score, Best Feature Film, and Audience Choice!


It was a wonderful week full of helpful teaching, great networking, and encouraging fellowship! The Christian Worldview Film Festival has truly become like a big family reunion to me, and is one of the highlights of my year. I urge everyone interested in filmmaking to attend.


You can follow Stacey’s blog There and Back Again at

Providence Film Music Contest for Indie Artists

MainStreet Productions and Faith Flix Films are excited to announce a contest to find indie music for the new redemptive romance film Providence. The winning musicians will have their work showcased in the movie as well as receive a music video with a performance session interspersed with scenes from the movie. All music genres will be considered.


Providence is the story of a girl and boy who grow up together and their lives keep intersecting, but it’s not until they’re in their forties that they finally get together. The film spans forty years and will include scenes from the 70’s and 80’s as well as present day. It stars Emily Knapp (The Good Book) and Chase Anderson (Where Hope Grows) as Young Rachel and Mitchell, Stacey Bradshaw (Touched By Grace) and Josh Allen (Home Sweet Bus) as Teen Rachel and Mitchell, and Juli Tapken (The Colors of Emily) and Rich Swingle (Beyond the Mask) as Adult Rachel and Mitchell.

Providence is the sixth feature film for MainStreet Productions. Previous films include Class of 91, Flowers for Fannie, and The Good Book. Class of 91 released in 2010 and aired on Parables TV and NRB Network. Flowers for Fannie released in 2013. It’s available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Instant, and other online retailers. The Good Book has spent the past year on the film festival circuit, playing in 18 regional and international festivals and accumulating 21 nominations and 5 wins so far with numerous festivals still to come. It released to DVD February 2015 and is available in Christian stores and online retail outlets.

Like The Good Book, Providence will be told without dialogue, using only dramatic action and a dynamic soundtrack. The soundtrack will showcase an eclectic blend of indie music.

Providence releases to theaters February 2016. For more information, visit the website at

Click here to learn more about the music contest.

Deadline to enter is June 6, 2015.


Providence Filming Day 3

I’m a planner. I like to have everything planned perfectly far in advance. But sometimes inspiration hits, sometimes obstacles arise, and sometimes things just end up in a different direction than you originally planned. Thus, was Sunday. The original planned day was a traditional church service, a couple of scenes in the cemetery, and a picnic date followed by two last portrait sessions with Rachel.


Then we had the idea of transforming a regular church service into an Easter sunrise service at the cemetery. Only small problem is the scene was already scheduled for one in the afternoon.Which meant a little maneuvering trying to find a nice shady spot under trees. The change in location also caused a slight hitch with our lunch plans, so lunch at our house became a picnic lunch at the cemetery. Which actually turned out to be a pretty fun time for all.

egg hunt



The joyous service soon turned to sorrow, though, in the next scene where Mitchell comforts two grieving women.


Next, Rachel and Mitchell went on their first date.


Which was immediately followed by the beautiful proposal scene.


Then Rich Swingle (Mitchell) was whisked off to make his flight in time and we continued with two final Rachel scenes.

family family2

Providence Filming Day 2

Saturday was all about Rachel at work as a photographer and on an occasional date.

She did photo shoots with children…





day2dAnd adults…


She had a bad date, a boring date, and a really bad, boring date.



And through it all, she always looked fabulous thanks to the great lighting crew.



And all the great moments were captured by our stills photographer, David G. Baker.

The Technology of Providence – The Camera

Our first week of filming is complete. I’ll be sharing all about days two and three, but today was spent cleaning and catching up from filming, working on the call sheets for this week, and going to the locations to determine where to put the camera and lights to get the look we want. So in the meantime, while you’re waiting for me to post my summary blogs, Fred has written a behind the scenes look at the technical aspect of our filming. camera

Technical things may not be of interest to everyone, but for those who are interested, here’s a rundown on the various technology we are using to turn Providence from words on a page to images on a screen.


We are shooting Providence on the Sony FS7 camcorder. It’s one of the first cameras capable of shooting high frame rates (up to 180 frames per second) and 4K right in the camera (most cameras that can shoot 4K need an add on device hanging on the back to accomplish this). It has a great built in LCD with a magnifying eyepiece loupe that really helps in bright sun and enables critical focus. And it has an extendable grip for handheld use that puts all the controls at the operator’s fingertips. We aren’t shooting 4K because we need the resolution to show the movie in theaters. Nearly all films that are shot in 4K are down converted to 2K for theater projection (and I’m doing that on a daily basis to get the file sizes reasonable for editing on a two year old I-Mac) . We are shooting 4K because it enables us to re frame or zoom in on a scene, effectively improving the composition or turning a wide shot into a close up. When our PA is holding the iPad up with the scene numbers prior to shooting, even 30 feet away, later in post I can literally zoom in and read the numbers easily, thanks to 4K origination.


The FS7 records sound excellently on 4 channels at 24 bits. However, this means nothing to us since we went “silent”. We, the crew and the cast are all relishing the joys of filming without worrying about sound. Lawn mowers and weed eaters crank up, motorcycles rumble b,y and we just keep on shooting. The actors can socialize in the next room without affecting the shot. We may never go back to “talkies” again!

Our lenses are a combination of current and past models. They include Nikkor 35mm and 50mm F 1.8, Sigma 19mm and 30mm F 2.8, Tokina 11-16 F 2.8, Rokinon 85mm T 1.7, and a 44mm Helios lens made in Russia that is known for it’s cool lens flares and “bokeh”.

We are using one other camera in the production, the Panasonic LX100, mounted on a gyroscopic “gimbal” stabilizer. The gimbal enables us to shoot glass smooth footage while walking or even running down steps. The LX100 looks like a point and shoot stills camera, but shoots 4K video that can rival much larger and more expensive cameras.

Providence – Filming Day 1

Today we kicked off filming for Providence. We always like to start shooting with fairly easy scenes, so we started with the Adult Rachel at home scenes. Which were easy filming-wise, but included a lot of the emotional scenes for Rachel, so actress Juli Tapken got to jump in full force.


We have this running joke that we always include scenes where actors are doing our housework. In Flowers for Fannie we had Pat Binkley polishing our china and washing dishes, Patti Nicole Wheeler swept and dusted, and Anighya Crocker mowed our yard. Today we had Juli sweeping the porch, and she did a wonderful job. It’s a really fun, suspenseful scene.

My favorite scene of the day, though, was when Rachel visits the accident site where her childhood friends were killed. Such a beautiful scene, and Juli really poured out the emotion.


Despite it being our first day, we ended up finished ahead of schedule and decided to squeeze in two bonus scenes. So that was a nice surprise. Looking forward to filming day two  tomorrow when Rachel goes to work as a photographer.



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