Rebecca Huey – Actress

One of the best aspects of filmmaking is the people you meet. I got to work with actress Rebecca Huey on Providence and was blessed by her sweet and gentle spirit. I was even more impressed when I discovered all that she has endured, and yet out of the depths, she rises as a beacon of light and love. 

Rebecca Huey

When did you develop an interest in acting?

I always knew as a young child I loved being in front of a camera. In 1992 when I was in seventh grade I begged my parents to take me to Lansing, Michigan to attend an acting and modeling training school to help me begin to develop those skills for several years all through school. In 1998 I left Michigan to compete for a week at an IMTA(International Model & Talent Agency) Competition in Los Angeles, California through my agent at the time. I competed with 200 plus people of different ages. In LA  I landed a few of my talent auditions with The School for Film and Television, New York City, NY AKA The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. I even got to be in the same room to perform with Katie Holmes (before Dawson’s Creek aired on the WB Network) and listen to her speak about IMTA and how she got to where she was. It was at the IMTA competition that I landed my auditions to move to NYC in the summer of 98′ to start my acting career.

Rebecca Huey and Jenn Gotzon

Tell us about your experience at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

My experience while attending the Summer of 98 Acting Intensive at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts was one I will never forget. It was a gift to be able to work and train underneath some of the “Best of the Best” coaches and teachers in the acting industry such as Joe Pierce, Rawleigh Moreland, Beth McGuire, Nancy Lushington and many more.
It was during that summer all acting students were given the opportunity to audition to further our careers by auditioning for a two year misery conservatory acting program. I was so excited, leaping for joy. I studied hard my script so I could audition and move on.

It was two weeks before graduation in New York City that would change my career and my life for many years. I attended a party on Wall Street with some other friends. I made the mistake of leaving my drink unattended and within 15-25 minutes after drinking that drink, I experienced all these terrible things happening to my body. I told people something was wrong with me. Some at the party put it off as I was just drunk, when I wasn’t. There were even others shoving whole pieces of bread in my mouth telling me to swallow them right before I blacked out. I was able to spit out the bread and can remember telling God and them that they were going to kill me.

I woke up approximately twelve hours later, and I knew what had happened to me. I knew I was drugged, woke up de-clothed and alone in an unfamiliar bed.

I managed to make it back to my dorm, missing classes for two to three days because I was terribly sick, scared and alone. All those at the party kept their distance from me as if nothing happened. I never went to police, school coaches or teachers, but one teacher knew when I made it back to movement class something was wrong with me. I can remember her telling me, “Rebecca what happened to you? You are looking green.” I lied, covered it up, and buried this for many years.

I failed my audition in front of the panel of judges to move onto my two year conservatory program. I left for home burying it all after graduation, not knowing who did this to me. Feeling devastated, crushed and a failure after all the time. money and years spent training. And what was I going to tell my family, my parents or my friends? God knew it would take me years before He got a hold of my heart.

Rebecca Huey on set of Providence movie

Anything else?

In 2013 God began do a work in my heart to help me heal, love and forgive those whom did this to me in 1998 even I didn’t know who. It was letting go to trust God through Deuteronomy 4:29 “But if from there you seek The Lord your God, you will find him if you look for Him with all your heart and with all your soul.” Sometimes as believers we are used to comfort hiding all the bad. I knew how comfortable I was giving God my heart, and I was ready. As I let go and gave it to God I had to in order for my past to break into my future by letting everything go and trusting God. I kept thinking, God I don’t know, but I trust you.

Today I don’t have to search or look for those people. I know where I stand with God and what He is doing in my life. God will take care of them. God’s word tells us to “forgive them Father for they know not what they do,” Luke 23:34. I pray for them all the time. I am now free in Christ to live and be all I can be for Him this time around.

Rebecca HueyWhat has been your most memorable role?

My most memorable roll was working last year with Christian Music Artist 6th Day Made on a film set in Holly, Michigan. I played a lead roll as wife to Actor Antonio Mireles in an upcoming not yet released music video.

What would be your dream role?

My dream is bring to life a movie one day that has profound life touching, heart changing impact like Mel Gibson’s Passion of The Christ. I would be blessed, honored and humbled if one day I got to work closely with these Directors/Actors: Mel Gibson, Katie Holmes, Greg Robbins, Christopher Shawn Shaw, Susan Shearer, Jenn Gotzon and Stephen Baldwin.

Rebecca Huey

Tell us about your recent film work.

My recent film work is playing the role of Store Clerk in the redemptive romance Providence, a love story forty years in the making coming to theaters in February of 2016.

What do you do when your not acting in movies?

When I am not acting in movies I am using my God gifted talents as an Entrepreneur working on bringing to life children’s products that will help them grow and develop. I am a Mom of two kids, owner of Education Creation LLC with a Trademark called Cursive Kids. I attend Flint Central Church of The Nazarene, and two huge inspirational people to me are Stormie Omartian and Joyce Meyer. I’m a Michigan theater captain for faith based movies. Recent movies include Beyond The Mask, Persecuted and Doonby.

It is also my passion to help where God places me in His ministry field to be an inspirational speaker and become more involved in helping to bring more awareness to trafficking.

Rebecca Huey

The Old Fashioned Way – Book Review and Recommendation

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Old Fashioned movie. Well, today I want to let you know about two products that go along with the movie. The first is a novelization by Rene Gutteridge. If you want to get into the minds of the Clay and Amber a little better, the novel will help do that.Like the movie it goes back and forth between the characters and provides a little backstory of what’s going on in the movie.  The other item is a dating devotional called The Old Fashioned Way: Reclaiming the Lost Art of Romance by Ginger Kolbaba.

I thought I knew what the devotional would be like, but I was wrong. Although it’s talking about old fashioned romance, it’s written for today’s readers with lots of anecdotal stories from contemporary young adults. It’s not a rulebook of what to do and not to do but instead more of a debate that presents both sides and makes a case for the old fashioned way.

If you’re a teen or single adult or a parent of one, I would highly recommend The Old Fashioned Way. I have read many dating books and this is definitely one of the better ones.

It's not a rulebook of what to do and

Chase Anderson – Young Actor

For our auditions for Providence we provided each of the actors with the script and asked them to put themselves in the character’s place and share about one of the scenes. Chase Anderson in his audition truly captured the essence of Mitchell Little. In a very relaxed and natural manner he told about the day he found Rachel’s Bible and what it meant to him. On set he maintained that unassuming nature while demonstrating an impressive understanding of continuity, and the finer art of acting. He possesses a maturity and professionalism far beyond what you would expect in an actor his age. 

Tell, us Chase, when did you first discover a love for acting?

When I was 6 years old.  Being up front at church at children’s time and talking in front of everybody, also doing that when I was singing my solo Christian songs. I really liked all of that.  Someone in the congregation said that they wouldn’t be surprised if I was on the big screen one day. Then mommy took that to heart and asked one of her friends how she got her kids into acting. That first year I started acting I had two agents and was in six films.


What was your first role?

It was in the movie Gabriel.  I played the role of a son eating in a restaurant with his Dad and then Rory Culkin walked in and looked over at us. I got to travel to NYC for it and loved the city and getting to ride the subway!

How many movies have you been in?

So far, about sixteen, both feature films and some short films.  I’ve had several lead roles and also some supporting roles.   And I’ve been in TV shows, too.

What has been your favorite role so far?

Miles in Ivory Shadows, because there was lots of action and I got to fall through “ice” in a pool.


Tell us about your role as Mitchell in Providence. What did you like best about it? What did you find hardest about it?

I play the young version of a character named Mitchell. He didn’t have a lot of money. When he went to the book store, he didn’t have a big choice of what to buy because he only had $.12. He found a Bible for $.10 so he bought it and found out it belonged to a girl named Rachel. It turns out he ends up marrying Rachel when they grow up. Getting married when they did was all part of God’s timing and His plan.

My favorite part of the film was finding the Bible in the book store because the Bible has to do with God and Jesus.

I found acting for the movie mostly easy but, during the playground scene, my chain broke and the hardest part about it was finding the broken bead.  The bead was black on the dark dirt.  It was fun searching around with everyone trying to find it, which we finally did!


How did you become a book author at such a young age?

I’ve been reading for a very long time: Preschool to now, and along the way, I got inspired to write my own book called Stomper the Elephant. I’ve also written poems and other short stories. At school, I won the Young Author’s award.

Tell us about Stomper.

He is an adventurous elephant. In the story he and his friends go to the rainforest and try to decipher the paper pieces they are given into the directions to the tree frog habitat where they would find the boy or girl tree frog for their class pet. I am donating the money made from this book to three different charities: one, the Alzheimer’s association, two, the american cancer society, three, the salvation army. I feel like it’s my way of doing God’s work and helping others.


What are your plans for the future?

To grow up and be a scientist and invent cures for horrible diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.
Anything else?

I love acting because I get to meet new friends, and the saddest part is leaving. I cry a lot when they say “that’s a wrap for Chase!”


Film-Com New Project Pitch

This week we were privileged to pitch Providence at the Film-Com New Project Pitch. I’ve heard of the event for years, but this was our first time to participate. We had no idea what to expect, other than we would have a booth and a chance to share with industry execs about our movie.


Most of the time our film activities are faith-based, but Film-com is for all genres.

Of the 113 films every genre of drama, comedy, documentary, and reality tv and film were represented. What impressed us was the comradery among all the filmmakers. From the moment we arrived, other filmmakers were immediately offering to help carry items and to help set up. Our old fashioned redemptive love story was squeezed in between a horror movie and a supernatural thriller, but we all had a great time swapping stories with our booth neighbors.As the day progressed filmmakers around the expo hall gathered together to share stories and offer advice to each other. Whatever our movies, we soon discovered how much we had in common and how much we could learn from each other’s experiences.


Film-com was a great opportunity to visit with old friends and make new friends. We got to visit with many of our actors from past projects –  Connie Maynord and Wendy Keeling from Class of 91, Josh Childs, Mike Parker,  and Amelia Mann from The Good Book, and Missy Compton, Beverly Hanley, Steve Alberts, Tom Wood, and Mary and Nick Meyer from Providence.

The day included interviews with Cheryl Wicker of Christian Movie Connect as well as an elevator pitch with the Film-com webmaster.

The experience wouldn’t have been complete without making at least a few industry contacts. By the time we packed up our booth for the day we’d had two distributors, a couple of sales agents, and several other execs  express an interest in the movie. We have a thick stack of business cards and new friends to hopefully get to work with on future projects.




Pirate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson – Movie Review by Clay Herd

My daughter and her husband love fun action movies, and so when I was offered the chance to review Pirate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson, I immediately thought of them. I was right. They really enjoyed it and Clay took time to write his thoughts on it. 



In this follow up to Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure, Mickey Matson is at it again; this time pitted against the evil Admiral Ironsides and his gang of pirates who are intent on destroying civilization. They’re new invention, the Tesla Coil, is a weapon of mass destruction that will send an electromagnetic pulse throughout the world, destroying every electronic device in existence. With the help of a secret organization, Mickey and his best friend Sully embark on a mission to stop the pirates from taking over a submarine and stealing the last part needed to complete their devastating weapon. If Admiral Ironsides succeeds in his plan, civilization will be sent back to the Stone Age. It’s a race against time, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.



The Pirates Code is a movie from Pure Flix entertainment. After watching the trailer for the movie I have to say that my interest was peeked. I sat down to watch this with my wife and as the movie began I felt dragged in. The movie reminded me of Spy Kids with its plot and cinematography, all while retaining its own identity and characters. The story follows young Mickey Matson as he battles Admiral Ironsides for the fate of technology all over the world. The story was very engaging and I felt myself entertained through the whole movie. Being a youth pastor I feel confident in showing this to my youth group as a form of entertainment. Overall I would give this movie a 9/10. The film does a great job staying true to it’s own storyline; however I feel that this is just another Spy Kids re-hatch. Overall I would recommend this to families and youth groups of all ages.

Twitter: @MickeyMatson
Official Website:
Official Website to Purchase:

If you would like to receive your own copy of Pirate’s Code comment below and tell why you’d like to have it. 

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Faith in Film Conference 2015

I keep hearing from folks that Nashville is the happening place to be for faith-based filmmaking. I’ve wondered why that is, Then yesterday it hit me. It’s not just because so many movies are being filmed in the Nashville area. It’s not just because it’s such a great place to live overall. But it’s because of the amazing community of pooled resources that we have. Yesterday we attended the annual Faith in Film Conference at Lipscomb University in Nashville. The conference is sponsored by our monthly Faith in Film breakfast group and is part of Film-com, an entire week of film related events including Score-com, Script-com, Actor-com, and more. It was an amazing time of learning and networking. IMG_3268 The Faith in Film conference kicked off on Sunday night with an early screening of Woodlawn: Dare to Believe. I’m a big fan of the Erwin brothers, and was looking forward to their latest movie. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a great story, beautifully told, well acted, and featuring an impressive soundtrack. As filmmakers in the post production stage of Providence, we especially enjoyed watching this early version of Woodlawn that included place holders for certain scenes and empty stadium shots that still needed to be filled in. IMG_3279 Monday’s schedule included panel discussions on social media, distribution, and merchandising with a keynote address by Rich Peluso, Sr VP AFFIRM Films/Sony Pictures. I took notes constantly trying to absorb all the wisdom the very knowledgeable speakers had to share.

Barry Landis of Ribbow Media did an amazing job organizing the event and lining up a wonderful mix of panelists.

Barry Landis of Ribbow Media did an amazing job organizing the event and lining up a wonderful mix of panelists.

I consider myself fairly savvy when it comes to social media, especially Facebook, but I learned things yesterday that I had never heard before.Ribbow Media is a master of social media. Several of their employees as well as their college interns each shared their area of expertise. They helped me understand how Facebook works and will definitely impact the way I use Facebook in the future.  Ryan Dunlap explained to us how everything we post and share contributions to our brand. Evan Derrick  provided very detailed analysis of what posts get the most reach. Ash Greyson discussed the importance of relationships.

Ribbow Media Group interns share statistics and trends in social media.

Ribbow Media Group interns share statistics and trends in social media.

Next on the agenda was the changing landscape of distribution. Steve McBeth represented Salt Entertainment. Ben Howard represented Provident Films. And Jay Hogan represented Gathr. I was especially glad to learn more about Gathr as we are looking into theater on demand for Providence. I enjoyed hearing the different panelists discussing various models of distribution like Believe Me, October Baby, and several films I’d never heard of but will definitely be looking into.


Barry Landis moderates the distribution panel with Steve McBeth, Jay Hogan, and Ben Howard.

We had a generous lunch break that allowed us plenty of time to network and meet new people. We were able to meet a wide assortment of new industry friends as well as visit with old friends.


With Cheryl Wicker and Fatima Eid


With Wanda Brock


Ann Dorman and Wanda Brock

After lunch the panel discussion was on a topic of interest to all filmmakers, how to make money on your film. Tony Young from City on a Hill shared about their curriculum for pastors and small groups. John Thompson from Capitol Christian Music discussed the music aspects of a film. Jonathan Merck from Howard Books discussed novelizations and other related books. And Brian Mitchell from Working Title discussed consumer products. They also included information about the importance of windows for each aspect of the film.


Tony Young, John J. Thompson, Jonathan Merke, and Brian Mitchell discuss monetizing movies.

Finally, the day concluded with Rich Peluso from Affirm Films giving the keynote address on taking our films to the next level. I especially loved hearing his story of how he became Sr VP of Affirm Films/Sony Pictures. What a great example of God’s timing. I also enjoyed hearing his stories of various movies he’s been a part of, and what they did to stretch themselves and take their movies to a new level.

Rich Peloso gives the keynote address.

Rich Peloso gives the keynote address.

We’re so fortunate to live in Middle Tennessee and to be able to take advantage of the amazing resources we have here, including the Faith in Film group. I’m so thankful that God brought us to the area. We are truly blessed to be a part of such a talented group of Christian filmmakers and industry executives. Looking forward to the rest of Film-com, including pitching Providence at the New Project Expo. Hope to see you there! IMG_3269

Providence Production – By Composer and Music Supervisor Sean O’Bryan Smith

Over the past few weeks I’ve treated myself as a silent cast member per se on our beloved project. Of course the irony in this for the actual cast is that they are making a “silent” film. Why should I be any different, you may ask? Well, for me it has been about quiet observance and lots of listening because I get to become all of the voices for the cast. No pressure, right? Now, luckily this does not mean that I’ll be doing Elmer the Fudd voiceover over all Juli’s scenes (next film, Juli). No, I get the distinct honor and joy of being the sound and the voice of this film through music, and I am happy to report, I am pleased.

sean2As posts have been made, scenes been shot and friendships made, the “voice” of Providence has been keeping up with things right along all of you in the wings. Every observation and blog about the production sparked a new idea. “I should call this artist”, “oh, that song may work there”, “hire that guy for extra instrumentation”, etc. Of course much like the cast this has been one of the most challenging film projects I’ve done already in that there is so much more responsibility. Am I really the “voice” of the entire cast? Am I crazy enough to take the gig? The truth is, i am every bit of that crazy, and that’s what drew me in. I am much like the cast in that the challenge of making this project was an enormous part of the draw. That was second for me only to the fact that this is still a vehicle for us to glorify which will always be a priority for me when possible.

sean 4
Apart from the fact that Sharon and Fred approved 90% of the music I submitted (yes, Brittany I got stumped), I’ve been enjoying the parallels so far between my “set” and that of the cast. While I do have a fair collection of my artists I’d either produced, toured or recorded with now on our soundtrack, I’ve also made new friends in some new artists and songwriters that I wasn’t familiar with. I’ve also been able to grow friendships with casual acquaintances that are now also going to be a strong part of our new “voice”. This is an exciting part for me as music supervisor on Providence as growth is one of the things I adore about filmmaking. As the role of music supervisor slowly comes to a head, the real fun begins next month when I get to sit down and compose the real “voice” of Providence. The score.

Part of what makes a film come together is obviously the sound. So much of how I compose a film centers around not only the scene performance but the sounds going on. Everything from the foley and sound design to the way an actor speaks a line can influence me on a score. With that not being there for Providence, I’ve been wondering all along where that influence was going to come from. Lucky for me we have the answer. The original music from the artists is what has started to create our mood. Yes, Sean, you can breathe now.

sean 3
As Sharon mentioned in a post, Providence is leading us in a direction with its “voice” that we didn’t quite expect. Of course we all know who is actually leading that but for me it is a wonderful and special thing to observe because now it is like the “rest of the cast” has finished their scenes. We have a wonderful array of known and upcoming artists now and a spectacular collection of tunes to incorporate into our film. The “voices” are starting to speak and now I can get to real work. I am excited to say the least because now the composer can take over and tie us all together. It is going to be very special as now melodies and moods can flow, and I am elated to see where it goes. I am not going to give anything away but I’ll bait you with the words “indie” at times “chamber orchestra”(perhaps) at others. Wherever the score takes me it is going to be a joy in the end (as long as I don’t screw it up) and hear our film speak. i’ll let let you know after another cup of coffee.
More from the studio soon……be blessed. SO’S

sean 6

Providence Filming – By Actor Lanny Smith

Lanny is one of those people who immediately feels like an old friend. Maybe it’s because he lives in north Florida and that’s where I’m from, but he just seems like someone I would have gone to school with. When he first mentioned that he’d like to be involved in filming Providence, I immediately thought of the perfect role for him, Rachel’s blind date. Lanny did a wonderful job of capturing the excitement of first meeting Rachel and then doing everything he could to make her like him, despite her obvious disinterest. I think anyone who’s ever had a blind date that just didn’t take will be able to relate to his scene. 


I was incredibly honored to have been a part of Sharon and Fred Wilharm’s new film, Providence.  Let me tell you about the fantastic time I had while on the set of this remarkable film.

First and foremost, I don’t think of myself as a professional actor. I’ve done some background artist work along with some heavy lifting on a few films. Still, I was thrilled to have been selected to play the role of the “blind date” in Providence. The blind date is a bit of an obnoxious character who becomes enthralled by Rachel (played by the enormously-talented Juli Tapken) after a thirty second encounter. (To do “obnoxious,” I found myself drawing upon a few “method” acting techniques to pull it off.) I appreciated Sharon’s confidence in me and I absolutely enjoyed taking on this role.

Working with Sharon and Fred was an amazing experience. Sharon provided that terrific direction and vision necessary to generate a certain creative “synergy” on the set. Fred’s skill as the director of photography was evident as he prepared for and captured every scene. I felt completely at ease and that feeling alone inspired me to work as hard as possible for them.

The comradery among the entire cast and crew was incredible. I was welcomed onto this set as a part of the family and immediately felt connected to these wonderful people. The climate (and I’m not talking global warming here) was so surreal that I almost felt like I was home. All I had left to do was turn around and look for the Master.

I’d like to recommend Providence as a must-see film for you and your family! Its inspirational message and high-quality production will touch your heart and give you an insight into God’s amazing love for us!


When he’s not acting is a movie, Lanny Smith is a Christian high school teacher, a former “Class B+” surfer and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He lives in Florida with his wife and two of his three children. His new novella is called THE CHRISTMAS BEACON, an inspirational story of faith, hope and the miracles that happen, especially at Christmastime. 

Lanny has completed the screenplays for his explosive action-thriller, THE RADICAL RIDE and THE CHRISTMAS BEACON. Be a part of taking these faith-filled stories from print to the silver screen! Please visit and

Old Fashioned – Movie Review and Recommendation

I remember the first time I watched the trailer for Old Fashioned. I was immediately struck by the beauty of the cinematography and the indie look of the film. Then when they started their marketing campaign against Fifty Shades of Grey, I was impressed to see the David and Goliath approach that they undertook and to see the response they got. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to see it at the theaters, but was overjoyed when I was offered the chance to review the dvd.

old fashioned

I thought I had a pretty good idea what would happen in Old Fashioned. Parts of it were as expected. Parts of it completely different.

OLD FASHIONED centers on Clay Walsh, a former frat boy who gives up his reckless carousing and now runs an antique shop in a small Midwestern college town. There, he has become notorious for his lofty and outdated theories on love and romance as well as for his devout belief in God. When Amber Hewson, a free-spirited young woman with a restless soul, drifts into the area and rents the apartment above his shop, she finds herself surprisingly drawn to his strong faith and noble ideas, which are new and intriguing to her. And Clay, though he tries to fight and deny it, simply cannot resist being attracted to her spontaneous and passionate embrace of life. Ultimately, Clay must step out from behind his relational theories and Amber must overcome her own fears and deep wounds as the two of them, together, attempt the impossible: an “old-fashioned” and God-honoring courtship in contemporary America.

old fashioned2

Old Fashioned is a beautifully shot, visually appealing film. I especially enjoyed the wardrobe, hair, and set design. I wanted to shop the antique store and spend some time in the apartment above. I was a little disappointed, though, in Clay’s house. For a guy who refinishes furniture and runs an antique store, his own house had few antiques and even less personality. Fortunately, very little of the movie took place there.

As former homeschoolers, it was easy to see the influence of I Kissed Dating Goodbye  on the script. Although Clay presents the ideas as his own theories, his thoughts mirror the popular courtship book. Since I’m not a big fan of the book, that was a negative for me. The story is able to stand alone, though, so it’s possible to enjoy the quirky characters and quotable quotes even if we’re not 100% behind the courtship theories.

old fashioned 3

My only real complaint with Old Fashioned is the inconsistent values. On one hand Clay is supposed to be this spiritual giant who has developed these high moral standards for dating. Yet, He doesn’t go to church and doesn’t seem to have any other strong Christian values outside of his dating beliefs. Also, if his courtship belief is based on a biblical worldview, he wouldn’t consider a relationship with a woman who’s not spiritually compatible. So for those who are looking for a movie to support strong Christian values, this falls short.

All in all, I’m glad I finally got the chance to watch Old Fashioned, and I will definitely watch it again. It’s a pleasant little romance and the music and visual aspects make me happy.

I have a special Old Fashioned package to give to some lucky reader. It includes a dvd, the novelization of the movie, and a devotional. To register, just comment below and share you’re idea of a perfect date. Drawing ends Saturday, June 13.

old fashioned 4

S O C I A L • C O R N E R
Official Website –
Twitter: @OldFashionedVow

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Providence Filming – By Actress Juli Tapken

A film is so much more than what you see on screen in the finished product. For the individuals involved in the making of a movie, the behind the scenes experience can be a time of spiritual revival or of spiritual drought, depending on the focus and attitude of the filmmakers. I have found that God often speaks to cast and crew through the filmmaking process and provides hand picked spiritual nuggets for each person involved. With that in mind, for the next few weeks I’ll be sharing testimonies from Providence cast and crew members, sharing their experience on set and what God taught them through the process.

We begin with Juli Tapken who played the leading role of Adult Rachel. Juli is an incredibly talented actress who put her heart and soul into her character. What really impressed me, though, is that the compassion and kindness the comes across on screen is the real thing. When the cameras weren’t rolling, Juli made it a point to get to know each person on set and to reach out especially to the newcomers who were feeling nervous and insecure and to help them feel a part of the cast. 


From the first moment reading about this “silent” film I was hooked! I had to be a part of this and reading that adult Rachel was in my age range really got my prayers focused upon Providence.

I had never taken part in a no-dialogue type project and at first thought it would seem that it would not be as difficult, then as I really began to think on this, I realized that it would actually be more challenging to emote and bring about empathy and a relationship to Rachel for the viewer without words. Add to that the long history I have had in theater and Providence became a perfect challenge for me. Perfect, in that as an actress I love to push myself in directions and experiences that I have not yet faced.

This unfamiliar, scary place is where we can, and have to totally, lean on The Lord! You see, this dependent place, is where we thrive. “We” being me and The Holy Spirit. This way, there is no question who deserves the credit, even to me. There is absolutely nothing better to me than to actually live in and experience miracles right in the moment. It is as scary as anything you will ever experience but the most rewarding thing I have ever known.

Providence was quite different in the preparation aspect, no dialogue means no script memorization. I loved this, as actors we were very fresh and “in the moment” and it was quite incredible how it played out in the scenes. God worked over and over again in us and through us to bring “real” emotions, visually felt, not heard. I also loved that, although it is a silent film, we were still talking and living the scenes and we often would be discussing the scene with Sharon right there in the midst of the scene. I recall once saying, “Sharon, Is it okay if I stand up right now?” To which she was able to respond “Yes”. Funny things like that often happened on Providence and we had such an incredible fun time while creating this project for The Lord!

Fred and Sharon Wilharm are incredible film makers, but even more, they are incredible people, Christians and now great friends! I will always cherish this film! Providence will always be such a special movie to me and I just can’t express how thankful I am to get to be a part of this incredible family!
I so hope you enjoy watching Providence, but I especially PRAY that you are touched by it in a way that strongly compels you to give it all to The Lord!



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